The Silk Market (Khan Al-Harir):

The original novel of the widely known TV serial. Its events take place in the 1950s in Syria, a time of serious political tensions which led to the short-lived union between Syria and Egypt. It depicts the social, economic and political life at the time through the lives of people connected to the Aleppo silk market, home of the famous textile trade.The novel was published in 2005 by Kanaan Publishing House in Damascus.

The Silence and the Roar


States of a Passion (Halet Shaghaff):

First published in 1998 by Attia Publishing House in Beirut. It looks closely at the special society of women and their music and singing that flourished during the 1930s in Aleppo. It is an interesting novel which combines an absorbing mystery story with a case of passion for a woman who affects both men and women. The English translation was released by Pushkin Press, London 2018

The Pastoral Comedy (Al-komedia Al-fallahiya):

Published in Damascus in 1990. It is about tribes who leave the desert because of tribal conflicts and settle in a Bedouin quarter around the city of Aleppo. These people infiltrate the city, exerting an influence on it. The spirit of tribal society finally prevails throughout the urban society.

The North Winds – The Small Market:

(Riyah Al-Shimal)

Published in 1989 by Al-Hewar Publishing house in Syria. It is an epic of the First World War and of self-awareness after many centuries of Turkish Ottoman colonialism. It looks into the war from the viewpoint of its characters who are from the city of Aleppo, and it observes the blossoming of national consciousness at that time. It depicts the people’s lives, hunger and poverty through the story of three young men who are dispatched to different battlefronts, with the war determining the destiny of each in a different way.